Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ad me!

Salesman have a way of persuading you to get stuff. Little,advice for future salesman, "If your going to try to get a job at the store selling things they'll only give you the job if you can get them to stuff a hog down their pants. You have to have the way, of persuading people. Let's say it is Monday morning you are groggy from last night's Fondue Bridge Session you have a headache and your a college dude/chick and you have a headache. You have a job interview at nine a.m they are offering you 36,000 a year plus health, dental, and travel benefits you just have to show them that you can get someone to buy it, without being too pushy because that loses income and revenue. You have to be perky too because no one wants to buy an item from a uptight dude/chick. You get into your SUV and drive to the interview. The head of Marshal Fields will hire you easy, all you have to do is persuade him to throw his phone out the window, his cell phone, is his most prized position he needs it for all of his work stuff. This is what you do, "You say in a grumpy, rude voice Fine and you throw it out the window. Now, if Marshal Fields was a good company they would hire that dude/chick so that we could save thousands of dollars a year. But No they have to go with a different approach let's say the interview is on a Tuesday. The club was canceled you feel great and confident and go to the interview. You point at the man and say in a calm yet happy jumpy voice and tell him all the problems with his phones and how much stress it puts on him if he didn't have a phone how much easier life would be. If he protests you agree but say something like "True but...." or "Your right,but maybe...." You do such a great job that you got the job! Now Marshal's just lost you about a briefcase full of money because this salesman kept getting you to buy more and more stuff! My advice when push come to shove,don't give into Pushy Dudes Who Sell Pressure.
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