Sunday, March 02, 2008


I hate squirrels. They are like rats in nice suits. Squirrels rome the earth but they have one exclamation, They Are Aliens! I was in the park two years ago, just casually hanging out not harming any squirrels, until my gum loses it's flavor so I decide to have a cookie. I walked over to the park garbage can and what's there? A squirrel jumps out and nearly attacks me. Luckily, I was taking Track (running) at the time and I out ran the squirrel. The squirrel broke two laws that day. A. Hey was harassing an innocent person. B. He forced me to run so my gum fell out of my mouth! So technically HE MADE ME LITTER! You know squirrels are egotistical jerks! I was in the park three years ago it was summer and I was once again, Casually Hanging Out then my friend noticed a Huge nut and five minutes later, the squirrel grabbed it and buried it in the wood chips it was a huge nut, the squirrel could of at least shared it with his friends. Further more, squirrels are evils not aliens.
Mood: Cool
Playlist: A shuffle of 102 songs I bought from itunes! over time
Location: Where no squirrels no rome (home!)

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