Sunday, January 27, 2008

Youtube tagged me!

This is my first tagging post.
1. I hate all music of every kind. Especially Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana is a total dumb blonde.)

2. I never have read, A Sunny Thought, Here Comes Johnny Yen Again, or Z Evil Dictator (Taking over the world is over rated.)

3. The color pink should be outlawed. It is too bright and cheerful I prefer grey.I am not girly.

4. My blog is all about political debate.

Mood: Laughy
Playlist: Nothing
Location: Home. Where I can clip coupons in the comfort of cheese.


Bubs said...

Grey goes wonderfully with pink.

Just saying.

kim said...

Your as political as Strawberry Shortcake.

Johnny Yen said...

Will you still wear pink when you go through your goth period as a teenager?

Anonymous said...

hey dont bag hannah montana. she is so cool and she rocks.