Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Occasional Random Wednesday Top Ten POSTPONED

I was about to work out with Optimist Leslie when I realized that many fellow bloggers do the Random Friday Top 10 i don't want to do it on Friday I want to do it now. But I don't want to do it every Wednesday. So I will do it every occasional Wednesday. Now, If any of you have read my blogger profile then you know my musical interest. Teen Pop On my ipod! The following songs came on.
I just accidently erased my entire shuffle songs. And sadly I have the new ipod! The new ipod! doesn't let you see the songs that you have just played.. so sadly no shuffle. But I may as well talk about another subject for the next few minutes. I have been thinking a lot about dogs lately, I don't know why because I truly am a cat person. I am taking the big ISATS again I really don't care at this point just as long as we get are 15 minute complimentary breakfast at school. At school they give us a completely free no strings attached breakfast. It is usually quite tasty except for this gross doughnut it is called the Super Doughnut It tastes very bad. Now I must stop reminiscing. Sponge bob's on in three minutes and I still have too spell check. This may have been my most random post yet. (not too brag.)
Mood: Disappointed yet happy
Playlist: Was my shuffle mode on my ipod!
Location: Home (*Or am I?*)

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you did not eat that sugar donut. I really enjoy your blogs and I am very proud of your thoughts on the world. You are a very good writer and I am very proud of you and your blogs. Love you from the top of your bony head to the tips of your smelly toes.
Love, Gram.