Sunday, September 07, 2008

You're So Vain You Proably Think Economy Is All About You!

Well, It's Sunday again here I am at my desk chair with a weekend of memories, a light load of homework, plans for the next week, and ambitions for the new week. Have any of you ever thought about the fact that although Sunday is truly the new week, everyone considers Monday the start of the new week. Well, I had a typical weekend. Sleepover with my friends, and hung around my house then I went out to lunch today. With my mom's friend, who happens to work at the newspaper. They were talking about economy,and that got me thinking about things. Thousands a day being laid-off for no apparent reason, last June I blogged about money. Back then, I was blogging about how money isn't everything. The way I see it, you're health is what makes you live so that is important, you're feeling are how you live an exciting life and that's free, and family, friendship, and love is how you live life in my opinion. But in order to know how you're health is, you need money for a doctor and to keep a healthy health, you need money for food and medicine. In order to get ceartin types of feelings you need money. For example, to feel sad without being hurt you need money to buy a trashy romance novel. To feel sad for free, get a boyfriend who will cheat on you. You need money to live, so yes in a way money is everything. But money can't buy happiness, which is the best thing in the world and it's free. But unfortunately, happiness can't stop you from getting cancer, or starving to death. Everyoner is waiting for the election to make changes. Why wait until the election? Why not make changes now, start saving the enviorment now and keep in mind, if you're reading this right now and you we're laid-off hang in there and were all in this together.


Johnny Yen said...

That's a great idea! No time like now, is there?

Of course, we've got a great start-- we're the greenest house on the block already!

Grant Miller said...

All you need is love. And maybe like $10,000.

marry said...

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