Saturday, January 31, 2009

In The News

I rarely ever blog about the news, except for now. My step-dad brought in the Suntimes from outside today, and one of the cover stories was about the Snuggie! Four million sold in 3 months! You would not think the snuggie would be so popular. Snuggies are all the rage,

Chicagoans snug it out
From the cult following of a monk-like wearable blanket to the smoky siren's song of sweet bacon, the latest hot trends in online interests are all about living in comfort

January 31, 2009
BY PAIGE WISER Staff Reporter/
The holidays were, at best, restrained. The economy is lousy, and the weather nothing short of brutal. So where does a Chicagoan turn for comfort this winter?

The Snuggie.

Andy Katzman (left), Josh Korin and his wife, Amy Korin, stay nice and toasty in their Snuggies at the Korins' North Side apartment.
(Chris Sweda/Sun-Times)

The ubiquitous infomercial -- for a blanket, with sleeves in it -- has been running during prime time on Comedy Central, CNN and ESPN, demonstrating that the blanket with sleeves has endless uses. Use your laptop! Enjoy a snack! Snuggle your baby in your arms! Perfect for drafty dorm rooms!

"Every time the ad comes on, I elbow my husband and say, 'You can use your arms!' " says Jennifer Vaughan Martin of Lake View. "The people look so happy, and their lives seem so much more complete with the Snuggie."

Some fans sincerely want to be warm. Others are obsessed with the cultlike appearance of the robe blankets, comparing them to druids, sorcerers and "Star Wars" sand people. They post parody videos on YouTube. They popularize phrases such as "Snug it out."

During a season when everyone is trying to cut back, the $14.95 Snuggie seems like a luxury that's tantalizingly within reach.

"We got ours at Bed, Bath & Beyond," says Amy Korin of Old Town. "With a 20 percent off coupon, it came to $11.99." Her husband, Josh, had been begging for one. By the time they got to the store, just the blue Snuggies were left.

"We love ours," Amy says. "We sit in them all night long. We've answered the door in them. We've been cooking in them."

Her only complaint: massive static.

Josh says the Snuggie experience lives up to the infomercial. He does wish it had pockets.

In tough economic times, the Snuggie is a success story. For some, the extra layer of warmth is a way to reduce heating bills. For others, it's a grownup version of a security "blankie."

The Snuggie has been on the market for about a year, and the commercial began airing in August. There are plans to expand the line to include Snuggies for children, outdoor Snuggies and patterned Snuggies.

The universally unflattering blankets are tempting for a population that's snowed in. "It's not exactly a fashion statement one would be proud of," says Virl Seribo of Barrington. Still, "I think secretly, everyone wants one."

Jennie Shrader has just been waiting for the right time. "My mom broke her ankle by slipping on the ice a few days before Christmas, and I've been telling her now I have the perfect excuse to purchase them," she says. Order them by phone, and it's two for $19.95. "I can have one, and she can have one to keep her warm while she's laying down and recovering," Shrader says.

Advertising Age reports that more than 4 million Snuggies were sold in three months.

I mean really, all this time I thought the snuggie was just a joke, but no its a great idea! A actual non depressing news story! Its amazing!


Anonymous said...

Melody.. I ehjoyed Your post on the Sungie .I am glad we gave it to You . Love you Grandma

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