Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's Next?

I've only been to school once in the past week. From Friday to Friday. Yes, because we have had a lot of days off, and yes because I have been sick. I've had it all, a soar throat. A nasal congestion. A bad cough. Some headaches. Oh yeah, and now pink eye! Plus two weeks before I got the sick streak, I got stomach flu on New Years eve! Whoo-hoo! Doesn't that rock? I am getting better though, tomorrow I can go back to normal and see my friends and stuff.It took, two trips to the doctor, no milk or yogurt for a week, many hours of laying on the couch, and many glasses of juice to get this far. All I can say is, Good Riddance my cold, and please enjoy the next body.
I've watched a fair amount of TV this week, and there are two hilarious commercials.

The snuggie is really long, and the pockets are so big you can carry a turkey in them! I have one.

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Irregular Kiki said...

The Snuggie is soooooo funny I love the advertisement!