Friday, October 12, 2007


People say ow for no particular reason. Ow-exclamation used to express sudden pain : Ow! You're hurting me! ORIGIN natural exclamation: first recorded in English in the mid 19th cent. that is the complete definition of ow! I am walking down the stairs I trip and fall I get a major bloody scar that my friend is Ow! worthy. I walk down the stairs my hip hits the railing that can also be Ow! worthy. However if your walking down the stairs and your hand accidentally bumps the wall. And you say Ow! Then you are a MAJOR wimp! I ask you what is the point of saying Ow!? If you were to lightly slap someone's hand and they say Ow! then it is obvious that they just love to talk and said the first thing they could blurt out that could fit the moment without to much thought and not being called a "weirdie" or a random person. Another thing about Ow! there are a lot of ways to say it. Ouch! Owwie! Ow! Ow that hurts! Ow Why'd ya do that! and most popular, Ow,Ow,Ow ,Ow,Ow,Ow,OW,OW,OW,OW,OWWIE!!!!!!!!! Ow! is weird. Why say Ow! anyway? Why not AAAAHHHH? Nobody says AAAHHHHH! anymore I miss AAAAAHHHHH! :( I said Ow! twenty one times in this post. I wish that instead of twenty one Ow!'s (now twenty two) they were al AAAAHHHH!'s. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Mood: Hysterical
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Playlist:Jessica Simpson and of course the one and the only KELLY CLARKSON!

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