Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just Random

nothing to say. Sometimes you have nothing to say. Yet that is impossible. If your saying you have nothing to say then obviously you are saying something . I am starting a list of things that are impossible. Here's what I got so far:
1. Eat your own head 2. Do nothing 3. Make sugar 4. walk on water 5. live after swallowing poison 6. watch "The sixth sense" and not be scared. 7. spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in 3 seconds. 8 drink metal 9. sneezing with your mouth closed 10 living forever 11 not cry when you had a baby 12. eat a clown without gagging 13 not laughing when someone calls then selves a "hot mama". 14 Not feeling dizzy after the tilt a hurl (whirl)
Just a list some of these might not be true. but I don"t care i bet i can rhyme fifteen things with the word bed.
1. Dread
2. Tread
3. Red
4. med
5. Dead
6. said
7. led
8. shed
9. cread
10. read
11. bread
12. zed
13. sped
14. head
15. ted
I end that note. originally I couldn't think of anything.
Mood: Exhausted
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kim said...

Girl, you are wise beyond your years.

Simply Me said...

Hey. you commented on my blog. So I thought I would check out your blog. Anyways. I would like to get to know you better and I hope we can be friends.So I'll keep in touch. Later.

Bubs said...

"Eat a clown without gagging"????

Good LORD.

deadspot said...

She's right. You can't help it, Bubs. They just taste funny.