Monday, September 03, 2007


She's all that. That is so wicked awesome. You know,that. Like that. That. What is That? " That" could be anything. "That could be a place, a thing, or even a person. To me "that" is just a lazy word. They use "that" when they can't think or any details for example... "She looks like that moose" the sentance I just typed is just saying she looks like a moose. What does the moose look like? She looks like the ugly brown moose. That sentance I just types is the opposite of That
You know that, What do i know. I told you that... What did you tell me? That is a disgrace! What is a disgrace? Get it? I am not a dictionary. But my main point here is why are people so undescriptive? I walk up to my mom and I see a paper. I ask what's that? She replies paper. See what I mean?
That is one of the most common words in the english language. Yet it is not considered slang. My favorite. She's all that! You can ask a gazillion questions about that sentance. If you say that your implying that She's everything. Unless you are using the street term meaning she's a vain snobby stuck-up jerk. If you are saying that She's all that in the non-street term then you are a male who just was dumped by his girlfriend in a cheesy love movie.

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kim said...

THAT was a great blog post, Mel!