Monday, October 15, 2007


In my life time I have learned many,many words. Some of which are also names. There is this one teeny tiny word. They. I have never met they. But I have learned much about they. They sounds like an interesting person. This is what they has done. They met the president. They made peanut and pick bologna sandwiches. They has done everything! Sometimes in school we'll be reading a stupid reading passage. And it will talk about they. Sometimes I feel they is the naked eye everybody talks about they yet no one ever met they. Is they he or she? Is they human? Is they fashionable? They is also the strangest name ever. I is a good friend of mine. Me is also a very niece person. Just I haven't met they yet. Someday this is on my what to do before I die list, I will meet they. That is a definite vow.
Mood: Confused
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kim said...

"They" are the people that a person uses in a sentence to back up what they are saying to you, so it looks like more people are supporting them. For instance:
"Girl, you shouldn't wear that to school...they are all saying that is not in fashion."

Natalie said...

I don't know if I would want to meet they. They seem to have a lot of bad ideas.