Sunday, May 31, 2009

Move Along, Move Along Just To Make It Through

I never have quite understood the phrase "Keep Moving Forward." Everything in my life right now is just moving by so fast. In two more weeks I'll be done with school, my dad is entering his last course in primary school, then come this fall he goes off to Truman. (Nursing School) Isn't it okay to live in the past sometimes? Just to remember memories? I am so not saying that you should be living your high school years over again when your 40, I am just saying, can't we just remember? Take a break every so often and remember the beach last summer, or when we built this city on rock and roll?
Or can we just live in the now? I am not saying it isn't good to plan ahead, its good to now what is to come in the future. But is it really necessary to rush through every moment just so we can get to whatever is next, and rush through that. Do we always have to move along, can't we just rest, and enjoy the moment?

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Johnny Yen said...

Good advice! I'll make sure to enjoy a few moments this summer, especially with my kids!