Friday, June 12, 2009

Fill In The Lines

I am: In Love, and Obsessed with family guy
I need: To just go with the flow, and not be so melodramatic sometimes.
I want: An iPhone
I wish: We could all live together in Harmony
I feel: Right
I hate:Hate
I love: My Family,and Friends, and of course FAMILY GUY
I can't handle: Rats, Mean People, and bugs
I miss: Minesota (But not enough to move there, only enough to make visits more often)
I think: I know everything.
There is no need to: Fight.
Life is: My Wonderwall
Love is: Family and Friends, and a utopian society where the world is perfect
Last weekend: I saw everyone I loved, i screamed, and had a good time
Tonight: I am going to play Monopoly with my family.
I am allergic to: Hate
Let's go: Somewhere we are all together, it does'nt matter where
I would: Die for the people I love.
When I fall for someone: I am waiting...
My hands: Are hideous
When I am alone: I do the safety dance
I am listening to: Safety Dance
The last person I called was: Arleigh
The last text I recieved said:Hi Mel
Hugs are: Where everything feels right
My house: gets terrible cell phone reception
There is a thin line between: Nuts, and Crazy
My best physical feature is: My Smile
The last person I kissed: My mom, to say I love you
The future: Does'nt matter right now, I am happy, for 11 weeks.
It's funny how: The best times of your life, are also the fastest
My underwear: is from PINK (Mini-Victoria Secret)
Tattoos are: Stupid. (Unless temporary)
The best revenge is: None
My ideal wedding: Is everyone in one place viewing my happiness
Target: Makes me happy.
Frankly my dear: life rocks.

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