Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Not So Typical American Family Weekend?

Well here I am on a saturday morning, sitting at my post blogging my mind away. I am thinking about stereotypes. They are so... what is that word... oh here it is... stereotypes are soo stereotypical. The following is the typical american family weekend:
Mother picks son and daughter up from school, and they drive to the local grocery to pick up a chicken, steamed broccoli, and milk for dinner, oh and we can't forget the pumpkin pie. They then drive home, and have an afternoon snack of cupcake and milk. Then they do their homework and the mother starts dinner. Son takes dog Lucky out for a walk. Daughter walks a whole block to her friends house. Father comes home has a quick conversation about work that goes like this:
Mother: Hi Honey!
(Kiss on cheek)
Father: Hello dear, how is dinner coming?
Mother: Just heavenly honey, I will call you when it is ready
Father: Well Okie dokie I am going to go slip into jeans

Dinner is ready kids come home, wash hands and sit down. The family eats and then after dinner, sit down together and play a typical game of bridge. Then it is time for pie and milk. Since it is Friday the children get to stay up extra late till' 8 o'clock! They go to bed, and the mother and father do something astonishing! They kiss on the lips. Status: Wrong

The Yen Family Friday

Step-dad picks stepdaughter up from school. They go to the local supermarket and then go home. Step-daughter watches TV reality shows while eating muffin and playing Nintendo DS step-dad blogs, and reads the paper. They go down to pick up step-brother/son from his mom's house. They go to The China Buffet, then Step-brother/son puts his Dick Cheney mask on and scares people on the way home. They get home and walk over to local book store where scary true writer ghost women Ursula Bielski is doing a signing, and they watch her and ask questions, and eat cake. Then step-dad/dad and step-daughter go home get in the car to go get pumpkins. Step-father goes on a frantic search for radio, finds it they go to the pumpkin farm and get 10 lb. pumpkins and go home. They have fun using "sharp utensils" to carve the pumpkin. They finish at 10:30, then step-father, step-brother/son, step-mother/mom go on laptops. And step-daughter watches TV.  Status: Right

Then it is The Yen Family Saturday! Step-brother/son hangs on laptop and visits friend, step-mother/mom cleans house and shops, step-father/dad does cleaning goes on laptop, cooks, and does homework. Step-daughter,does homework. Oh well, nothing is perfect right?

By the way one more thing, another stereotype? Scary movies, I was flipping channels and both of the scary movies just so happened to have dark, deep, scary movies on! Whatcha gonna do?

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Bubs said...

It may be not-so-typical, but your version sounds much more fun and interesting than the first "typical" version you described.

Enjoy your weekend!

randomgal said...

It is more fun bubs you're right