Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks For Giving

Thanksgiving. Really, it is suposed to be a holiday celebrating the pilgrims and all that but nobody cares about that. Look at those twop words. Thanks, and giving. Two great words. You pass the carrots at dinner to your little sister. She says "Thanks". Or, you save your little sister's life, once again she'll say "Thanks." you get a thank you card that says "Thank you from the botom of my heart" that is really just a fancy way of saying "Thanks." Thank you is a great word, because it shows the perosn that you appreciate what they did. Whether if its for pasing the carrots, giving blood, or saving a life. If they say thanks, they're thankful of you. Giving. Thats also a great word. But giving is the other one. You're the one giving your little sister the carrots. You're the one giving your time to save your little sister from the car thats about to smush her. Giving is a good thing. Whether it is for giving somebody a crayon, or giving blood. So really Thanksgiving. I guess thats kind of a holiday thanking everybody for giving. Fopr some it is a thankyou for giving love, blood, miracoles, or gifts. To others it is a bribe to make them stop giving bomb threats, gun shots, and other bad things. And to the turkeys, well, they are being thanked for giving us their bodies to eat. But I'm pretty sue their response to our thank you is "You're Not Welcome!" Just a thought. Well, thanks. Thanks for giving.

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Mood: Happy, Joyous
Location: Home with wishful thinking for some turkey


Sparkleneely said...

Great post... and Happy Thanksgiving, random gal!

Irregular Kiki said...

Hi Random Gal!
'Thanks' for 'giving' your time to post on your blog and entertain people who read it.
Also, you can look at my blog, there are pictures of my cats. I finally posted, after sooo long.
Have fun!
-Irregular Kiki