Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Edgar Allan Poe Poe-m!

Well, in school we had to write a edgar allan poe poem I thought I'd share mine to start up my halloweeny spirit! (Don't worry, I'm not emo!) Here goes:

"Deaths Day"

Its 12 o'clock midnight and I sit on the floor
Staring and waiting for a creak in the door.
The door stares back at me, waiting for action.
I shudder as I picture my reaction.

In the picture, he laughs, and I cry
Blood gushing out my eyes, as I wonder why
I beg for mercy on my knees,
I cough, puke, cry and wheeze

I bawl, cry, sob and wonder if it could get worse
Wondering how to lift this horrible curse
I look him in the eyes and wonder how i'd pay
I guess this is what you'd call death's day.

In my life I had been quite bad
I pick pocketed, stole, and made people mad
I drank my beers
And waited in the corner with my fears

He opened his robe of black
I begged and pleaded for my life back
It was pitch black and dark
Not exactly Noah's Ark

I was so busy dreaming I didn't realize,
The door was open what a surprise!
For all those wishing me well,
please wish I don't go to hell!

The end, well the guy in the poem is a criminal bad dude. And the guy in black is death and death is taking this guys life. (The guy has pneumonia.) and the guy fears he'll go to hell cause he was a bad person. Was it edgar allan poe-ish?

Happy early halloween!

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Bubs said...

I'm glad you're not emo.

randomgal said...

thanks bubs, me too

Irregular Kiki said...

Hey Randomgal, I commented on the "Random Wednesday Top Ten: Grey Hands And Sunscreen Edition" post. (Quite a long comment actually)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kid- this is your ma's friend Ann from Minneapolis- I just wanted to tell you how FAR OUT!!!! your Poe Poem is- you are some Kid!!!!! Very cool choice in tunes and just an overall cool site, infact OUT-OF-SITE! How do you know what Beer is like? "Hey Mom- where is the supervising"?