Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Girls are back in town

Well I went on vacation this new years and I went up to Minnesota. I still have five days for break but I will miss Minnesota but I am happy back home here in Chicago. So in my opinion there are three types of new years there is the big karaoke party till' midnight (or later) yell shut gorge yourself and at midnight yell "Happy New Year" all over town. Then fall asleep with a bag of potato chips on somebody's couch. Then there is the quiet kind with 5 or 6 people and you just hang around and chat. Eat some snacks,watch TV. Wait for midnight and at midnight shout a little, smile,and make a bit of noise. The final kind is where your all alone laying on the couch watch some TV show. Eating chips and fall asleep at 9 or ten without telling anyone. If you had number one "The Big Party" then that's cool but tiring I won't be surprised if you can't sleep for the next week! If you had number two "The small get together" then That is good (That one is my favorite) you got to see some family or friends or both that is Good. Big isn't always better even if you were a bit bored. If you had number three "Bore yourself T Sleep" then I feel sorry you may have wanted to be alone but you could talk to someone on the phone or go out to eat a little little DON'T BE AFRAID TO CELEBRATE!!! Anyways HAPPY NEW YEARS! Hope you do successfully on your resolutions!!


Maggie said...

Melly Jelly!
Miss you so! When will we go out to celebrate my birthday? I am now 28. I am very old but not sad about it.... because your mom is older than me!
Love you lots and hope you got great things from Santa!

Melody said...

Happy birthday!! Good mood about it too email me!! love ya

kim said...


You are so prolific.

Very GOOD!

I agree that the 2nd New Year's is the best. And I am glad I have gotten to spend every New Years with you.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I love your post. It's so cool. Iam glad you came to Minnesota for a visit. Iam glad Igot to see you. Ihope you are enjoying the kitty I gave you. I miss you. Love Aunt Leslie

elliemom said...

Like your new spot Mel Love Gram