Friday, June 26, 2009

Avast! The King Has Died

Last year in school I did a report on Little Richard. When i was researching I read a quote from People Magazine that claimed "There couldn't have been a Michael Jackson without a Little Richard" If that is true than Michael Jackson Sr. outlived Michael Jackson jr. I don't quite know how I feel about his death. You could never quite figure him out. Sometimes, he was a compassionate, caring, beautiful man. He sang "We Are The World" for starving people of africa. He cared so much about children, he opened up an amusement park, and he often invited sick kids to come, and sometimes he payed for kids to go on trips with their families around the world. He was so giving. But then there were parts of him that were sick, wrong, and nasty. Even though he may of thought he had good intent. Like, when he dangled his baby from the balcony of a 4 story german hotel, he was only trying to show the fans his kid, but.... it looked like he wanted to drop his baby. Then there was the time he molested a boy. He looked at it as sharing a bed with a little boy he loved, that needed love. But really, it was kind of a sick act against the law. Michael was everything, he was going places, he was a pop genius, charitable, and kind of creepy. Never thought I'd say this but: I'll miss you Michael.


Irregular Kiki said...

It's so sad :( MJ is great

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mel! It's Jody and Annie wishing you a happy birthday today (you are no longer a tween but a teen, Ann says) and reading some of your blog (which needs to be updated, btw). You are an excellent writer, very funny and intellectual at the same time. We laughed reading some of your posts and commented on how brilliant you are. We hope you get this message today and hope your teenage life starts smoothly. We would like you to visit Minnesota more often, too, and let's do get together, all of us, the next time you're here. We love you and can't wait to hear more about how terrific you are! Lots of love,
Jody and Ann xoxoxoxo

marry said...

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